311 (my parents thought I was in the KKK)

Those 311 Days!!

Man, it’s another serious throw back.  Not as much as when I talked about the Wu-Tang Clan, but close.  311 was one of those bands when I was in middle or high school (I can’t even remember that far back) that just blew my mind.  They had this one song down that honestly was probably their only good song.  I used to grab my boombox and throw that 311 CD in and just blast music in my room for hours on end.

Now that I think about it… Boombox – when’s the last time ANYONE has seen one of those ancient music players.  (I think never)

I found the video!  It’s from 2009…

Well posted 2009.  I doubt that it was recorded during that time.  That was only like 9 years ago.  311 is definitely more like 20 years ago.  I mean look at those outfits.

That is some SERIOUS LOW BUDGET video recording if I’ve ever seen it.  I bet this whole video costed the band less than $2,500.  I’ve seen some budget videos, but this is definitely one of the worst that my eyes had to focus on.  I’d rather watch twilight with my wife than sit through another one of these videos.

I don’t think I ever listened to 311 on youtube or the TV for that matter.  I remember about 5 years after I started listening to Korn I found their video on none other than Beavis and

beavis butthead

Butthead.  Beavis and Butthead would just sit on the couch and make fun of terrible bands for hours on end.  That was one silly show.

Beavis and Butthead Do America was one of the best movies ever made though.  I can still throw that on the TV and grab a couple Coors lights for a good round of laughter.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to my buddy Jeff and his landscaping business.  He’s a childhood friend of mine and he’s got a pretty good business going.  You can visit his website at www.stopalandscaping.com or find him on facebook going to his website.  I can’t say for sure if my Jeff (my buddy) is a B&B fan, but I’m sure that everyone can appreciate a couple throw backs.

They used to call us E & J like “EJ” back in the day because we were inseparable.  We did everything together.  We had our bikes and rode all across town.  Do kids ride their bikes nowadays?  I wonder…  I can’t remember when the last time I saw kids riding their bikes without their helicopter father or mother slowing driving behind them in their pickup truck.

Anyways, I’m signing off.  Hope everything enjoyed this short blog about Beavis, Butthead and 311.  Don’t tread on me!

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