Triumph (oh yeah)

Wu-Tang (Parental Advisory.. Remember those Stickers?)

The motherfucking wu-tang clan.  GZA, RZA, ODB, Method Man, U-God, Ghostface Killah and anyone else that I forgot to mention.  Damn those were the days.  I can vividly remember the conversation that I had with my father at the dinner table when he held up my new CD that I convinced my mom to buy me.

“What exactly is the Wu-Tang Clan?”

It’s just a CD dad.

“What is this parental advisory sticker?”

It’s just to get kids to buy it.  All they do is swear, but since they are rapping you can hardly hear the words coming out of their mouths.

Anyone who’s anyone knows this song.

This was one of the craziest videos ever too.  I remember finding out how to switch off the parental controls so I could watch MTV while my parents weren’t home.  Oh my god those days were easy.  Now I got a job, a kid and a wife to take care of.  Not to mention the house, bills and everything that comes with it.  Heck, right now I’m freaking freezing because I can’t afford to pay another $600 oil bill.

Times have surely changed, but these Classics haven’t.  Give that video a quick play and remember when days were good.  If you love this shit as much as I do then definitely hit me up.

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